Campground Manager eSupport

Login to our e-Support area using the sidebar to download fresh updates to our software, read documentation and frequently asked questions (FAQ's).

If you are experiencing a problem processing a transaction or booking, simply select the eSupport option under COMMANDS on your transaction screen. All of the information pertaining to that transaction is automatically extracted and sent via the internet to our technical support staff for review. Our staff can view exact copies of your transaction right on their desktops.

You can upload a report from the eSupport Hub as soon as you log in. Within minutes your problem can be corrected and you will be back to business without missing a beat! eSupport includes access to documents, manuals, upgrades and demos, the use of our ftp server and personalized support in dealing with individual concerns and problems.

To keep you up and running, we have an ftp site available for CM datafiles and bookyoursite web files. eSupport is always being upgraded and improved, and you get the benefit of talking directly to the programmers, technicians and support staff who design and build the software. We use our own software on a daily basis at Jellystone Niagara, so we know what will work for you!