BookYourSite™ is an online booking portal that allows your customer to make campsite/cabin/trailer reservations online. BookYourSite is fully integrated with Campground Manager Software® so there's no additional work to do.

With the world moving at such a fast pace - people don't have time to call during business hours. Booking online is preferable by many customers today and the numbers are growing! You will cut down on phone costs, clerical time and data input errors. The ultimate advantage is your business will be able to receive reservations after normal business hours. You’ll have complete control of what is offered online, at a fixed rate, that is lower than other competitive services available today... and you’ll get paid right away!

How BookYourSite Works

You will receive a unique link to place on your website. Your customers will click on it and be prompted to input their reservation details. BookYourSite will calculate the cost for them and display the payment screen. Your customer will enter their payment information to finalize their reservation request. BookYourSite will then automatically email your customer a confirmation of their request and notify the campground at the same time. The reservation details will be sent directly to your Campground Manager database along with credit card information allowing you to process the payment and receive your money immediately!

What BookYourSite Costs

For customers that have Campground Manager and are enrolled in a support plan, there is no additional annual fee. There is a one-time $99 setup fee and a transaction fee of $5 for each reservation you receive through BYS. Most campgrounds will pass the transaction fee along to the customer as a booking fee. This can easily be added to your BYS billing options so there is no extra work on your part.

What's Included with BookYourSite

Your park listing and custom webpage on
Online reservations available 24/7
Links to and from your own website
Setup assistance and ongoing support
Flexible rate and availability setup features to match your way of doing business
Immediate payment upon acceptance of the reservation
One, low, flat fee per successful reservation
Secure reservation and credit card handling
No locked in contract restrictions. You may cancel the service at any time

If You Don't Have Campground Manager

BookYourSite can work as a stand-alone application. Click to learn more about BookYourSite “Stand Alone”