Campground Manager®

Campground Manager Software is a state of the art property management system designed for the modern campground. Encompassing many features not seen before at this value price, the core system has been tried and tested for over 20 years in the marketplace.

Campground Manager Software will be your mission critical piece of software that handles everything in your park from reservations, internet bookings, store and park sales, site management, marketing letters, invoicing, membership sales, splash down fees and then downloads all the system created journal entries to one of 7 General Ledger programs.

Coupled with the day-to-day functionality of the system is an entire suite of reports and analysis to allow you to accurately gauge and grow your business.

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Campground Manager Add-ons and Options

Point-of-Sale Module | Central Reporting Module | Credit Card Module
Software as a Service | Training | Support Plans

Camp Store Sales POS Module

“Point-of-Sale” is an optional module that will track your retail store sales and manage inventory levels. The product is completely integrated with Campground Manager, which means there are no compatibility issues or duplication of effort commonly found with our competitor’s software products.

All sales revenues and taxes are stored and reported directly through Campground Manager making it easy to reconcile your till at days end. The accounting system is built-in so the financial reporting all works together.

There’s optional equipment available to help make your selling process even easier. Hook up a UPC scanner, cash drawer and receipt printer to achieve the same professional look common in large retail outlets. Track inventory levels and pull sales history on any item in your store.

Repeat orders are a snap with the built in purchase order function. Evaluate sales, inventory levels and prior purchase quantities by vendor and be completely prepared for your next buying appointment.

POS is fully integrated with our credit card module and once the customer’s card is on file you may process payments without physically handling the card. You may also allow customers to run a tab by charge POS sales to their account. POS is truly a valuable add-on and a “must have” component for a busy campground. You can take a tour of it's features in the POS Module System Tour section.

Central Reporting Module

Campground Manager’s “Central Reporting Module” is a powerful tool that extends the core software to accommodate multi-park enterprises. This system brings together all the great features and benefits of Campground Manager and makes them available on a portfolio wide basis.

Many critical reports that are present in Campground Manager can also be run on a system-wide, enterprise basis for multiple parks or locations. The reports can be scheduled to run at a preset time allowing nightly or off-peak compiling of management reports.

In addition, the “Central Reporting Module” is perfect in a call center environment. Call attendants can quickly switch between locations providing site availability and pricing to callers. Bookings can be accepted at any park in a snap!

Credit Card Module

Process credit card transactions within Campground Manager and save time — especially while taking reservations over the phone or when checking in a customer. By processing through our credit card module you can be assured the card is valid and approved before finalizing the customer’s bill. In addition the card information is securely kept on file so that future transaction can be paid for without physically handling the customer’s card a second time. This is ideal if you have repeat customers or you allow them to run a tab.

There are two options available with our credit card module. The first option is X-Charge. For this option you must use Global Payment Systems as your card processor however, X-Charge software is provided free. The second option is to stay with your current processor and buy PC-Charge software to act as a gateway between your processor and Campground Manager.

For more information, please see our Credit Card Module FAQ.

Software as a Service

What is Software as a Service?

Software as a Service (SaaS) is a business model for software delivery and deployment on the cloud. In the SaaS model, Campground Manager is offered over the Internet as a web service.

What Are The Advantages Of SaaS?

You no longer need to install and manage the application in your own environment. This shifts the responsibility to us, the hosting provider, which simplifies your in-house IT requirements. Our technicians will handle data backups and application updates.

What Do I Need To Connect?

You’ll be able to connect through high-speed internet from any location on almost any OS or tablet using Remote Desktop Protocol Software. (Satellite internet not recommended) If your computer(s) experience hardware failure, or are stolen, your data is safe off site on the SaaS servers. Your connection can then be setup on another computer within minutes and you’re back in business.

Latest Security

SaaS customers are protected from the Microsoft Font Driver vulnerability.

Campground Manager Training

Onsite Training

Have one of our certified trainers travel to your park for a two day (minimum) comprehensive training program. Your staff will learn in their own environment about all aspects of the software. Management will receive special instruction on setup, daily routines and accounting procedures. Please contact our sales staff to schedule and receive pricing for Onsite Training.

Training Center

You may wish to travel to our training center in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada. New customers will receive 1 complementary day of training with additional training session available for a fee. Your sessions can be tailored to cover topics most important to you. Please contact our sales staff to schedule and receive more information about the Training Center option.

Online Training

By using screen-sharing technology our support staff can link up and control your computer remotely from our office. We can set up 1 or 2 hour training sessions with your staff as required. Please contact our sales staff to schedule and receive pricing for Online Training.

Support Plans

Our technical support staff is available to assist you with Campground Manager related questions and issues Monday through Friday from 9am to 5pm Eastern Time. There is also emergency support, for after hours and weekends.
You may choose between three plans that would best suit your needs:

Plan Details
Bronze 5 hours of telephone tech support per year
Silver 10 hours of telephone tech support per year
Gold 20 hours of telephone tech support per year

All support plans include free updates to Campground Manager as they are released. Typically there are 3 to 4 new releases per year. For “SaaS” (Software as a Service) customers the support at the bronze level is included in your monthly fee. For self-hosted networks the Bronze level support program is mandatory for the first year.