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The "Transaction Screen" is where reservations, check-in's and other charges are initiated. Each customer's stay will require a new transaction. Once your customer has been registered the address information is saved to the history file for future use. Any customer charge can be viewed in detail by double clicking on the corresponding line item in the list. For example by double clicking the reservation line the program will take you to the "Camping Screen" to view the details that were used in the calculation of the reservation bill. Likewise details of other charges such as Meter Bills and Point of Sale items can be charged or viewed from this window. Payments can also be initiated or viewed from this window. Clicking the "Charges Button" can create additional billing items. "Scheduled Charges" may include storage fees, security fees, mailbox fees and other miscellaneous charges. "Rental Charges" can include boat docks, golf carts or other rental items. "Meter Charges", "Visitor Charges" and "Point-of-Sale Charges" can also be created here.

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